10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (2023)

Disney has a very stable and long-running tradition of redhead characters and we are going to bring you a list of the 10 most beloved redhead Disney characters of all genders and ages.

This list is going to tell you about the most beloved redheads in Disney’s rich history and a bit about them, as well as their appearances in the animated world of Disney. It will be quite a fun and entertaining trip. Enjoy!

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Peter Pan


Jessica Rabbit





Kim Possible

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10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (1)

First Appearance: Brave (2012)
Created By: Brenda Chapman
Voiced By: Kelly Macdonald

The 16-year-old Merida is the daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. They reign over the kingdom of DunBroch, located in the Highlands of Scotland. She is a teenage girl with long curly red hair and light blue eyes, wearing a dark blue dress. Her figure is slender and graceful.

Her brave (which inspired the name of her feature film) and fiery nature is the cause of permanent conflicts with her mother, Queen Elinor, as the latter desperately tries to make her understand that she must marry in order to ensure the descendants of the kingdom.

Indeed, Merida prefers to explore the mountains of the Highlands and train in archery rather than submit to the rigorous and strict education imposed by her ranks such as marrying a prince or any other requirements of the type. Her father, King Fergus, is more inclined to laugh at his eldest daughter’s pranks and avoid conflict.

Much more relaxed than his wife, he never lectures Merida, except at the request of the queen. Passionately in love with Elinor, he has a tendency to provoke a fight and to charge without thinking.


10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (2)

First Appearance: Frozen (2013)
Created By: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Voiced By: Kristen Bell

Anna is the youngest daughter of the Arendelle royal family. Elsa’s older sister, Elsa, can control ice and snow, skills that the two use for fun. But when Elsa accidentally hits Anna with magic, knocking her unconscious, the little girl is taken by the mountain trolls, who erase her memories of Elsa’s powers, warning her never to hit anyone in the heart, which would be fatal for them.

To prevent the accident from happening again, her parents separate them, and Anna, confused by the sudden loss of her sister, tries, unsuccessfully, to reconnect with her. When the king and queen die at sea, she still tries to find solace in Elsa, who nevertheless continues to remain locked up in her own chamber.

Three years later, Elsa prepares to be crowned Queen of Arendelle. Anna, enthusiastic that the castle doors will be reopened after a long time, ventures into the city, encountering Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. The couple quickly develops a mutual attraction and, at the reception, Anna asks her sister for a blessing so that they can get married.

Elsa rejects her, criticizing her for getting engaged to someone she barely knows about her, and her words provoke a quarrel that culminates in the manifestation of her icy power.

Faced with the horrified reactions of Anna and her guests, Elsa runs away, but, panicked, causes an eternal winter on her kingdom. Anna, believing it to be her fault, decides to go look for her, leaving the custody of Arendelle to Hans. The princess soon meets Kristoff, an ice trader, her reindeer Sven and the snowman Olaf, created by Elsa in their childhood, who join her on her adventure.

Reaching her sisters’ castle, the two try to reconnect, but Elsa, once again losing control over her magic, hits her in the heart. Kristoff takes Anna to the trolls, where she learns that only an act of true love will prevent her heart from going completely frozen.

Kristoff, believing that a kiss from Hans will serve her purpose, brings her back to Arendelle. Here, however, the prince refuses Anna’s request, revealing to her that their engagement was just a plot to seize her throne. Meanwhile, Hans imprisons Elsa, but the frightened queen escapes, unleashing a powerful snowstorm.

Sometime later, Anna defeats the evil Hans, punching him, and begins a relationship with Kristoff. Even the bond between the two sisters is strengthened, and the doors of the castle are always left open, for Anna’s happiness.

Peter Pan

10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (3)

First Appearance: Peter Pan (1953)
Created By: J.M. Barrie
Voiced By: Bobby Driscoll

Peter Pan is the titular protagonist of Disney’s 1953 animated feature of the same name. Peter travels from the enchanted island of Neverland to London to hear Wendy Darling tell stories about him and his adventures. While his ego can seem bloated at times, even his archenemy, Captain Hook, knows that Peter is no ordinary boy.

He can fly without wings and can counter Hook’s cutlass with nothing but a dagger. He is also the undisputed leader of the Lost Boys and does not allow any rank interruption. Time makes little difference to him: if you never grow up, life is nothing but fun, fantasy, and adventure.

Peter Pan is a young boy who lives on Neverland Island. He has an elf named Tinker Bell who is his best friend and sidekick. He is the current leader of the Lost Boys. He spends most of his time adventuring and fighting the famous pirate Captain Hook.

When he was a kid, fairies entered his house and took him to Neverland. When Peter returned, he found another baby in his mother’s bed. Feeling rejected and forgotten, Peter left and returned to Neverland – now his home. Eventually, Peter met Tinkerbell and gathered a group of young children, and created the Lost Boys.


10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (4)

First Appearance: Hercules (1997)
Created By: Ron Clements, John Musker
Voiced By: Tate Donovan

Hercules is the main character in the franchise. He is based on the mythological Heracles, best known by the Roman spelling Hercules. In the original film, Josh Keaton voiced Hercules as a teenager, while Tate Donovan did the voice for the adult. He looks like a handsome young man with orange hair, eyebrows, and blue eyes.

In the original film, instead of the demigod hero son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, Hercules was actually born with all the might of a god on Mount Olympus, and his parents were Zeus and Hera, the latter being portrayed as a loving mother instead of a mean mother-in-law.

However, one god is overwhelmed by the newcomer: Hercules’ evil uncle Hades, who wants to take control of Olympus and the world with all of creation. Knowing that Hercules, as a god, is immortal and invulnerable, Hades sends his two lackeys Pain and Panic to kidnap Hercules and make him mortal with a magic potion.


However, the arrival of two mortals, Amphitryon and Alcmene, causes Hercules to miss the last drop of the potion, which allows him to retain his divine power.

The couple then adopts the child and regards his arrival as a gift from the gods as they are childless themselves. Zeus and the other gods learn of the rapture too late, and since Hercules is now mortal, he cannot return to Olympus.

Jessica Rabbit

10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (5)

First Appearance: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Created By: Gary K. Wolf, Richard Williams, Jeffrey Price, Peter Seaman
Voiced By: Kathleen Turner

Jessica Rabbit is the wife of Roger Rabbit. She performs in The Ink and Paint Club, a place run by cartoons and with a human clientele where she, with her singing performances, sends male audiences into raptures, especially with the performance of “Why Don’t You Do Right?”.

In the film, Jessica is a good character and one of the main characters. When asked what she found attractive about Roger Rabbit, she replied that “he makes me laugh”. She is a tall, curvy, flashy, and seductive woman: she has long reddish-orange hair, plump lips, green eyes, and a curvy body with a very tight waist.

She is wearing a very low-cut red evening dress with a slit on the right side, red high-heeled shoes, and very long purple gloves.

Despite the image of a femme fatale, Jessica is a good woman, very feminine (delicate of soul, graceful and a little flirtatious) and casual, but also loyal to her husband Roger, ready to do anything for their good (so much so that Eddie Valiant, impressed by her devotion, considers her a good wife).

She proves to be brave, witty, and intuitive: despite her danger, she maintains a calm composure and shows she can handle a gun (saving Valiant from Morton’s gun).

Most of the time she keeps a calm and collected demeanor. The two times she loses her temper are: when Morton shows her and Eddie his brine-filled car, and when she and Roger are almost sprayed with the deadly substance. One evening she is stalked by Eddie Valiant, a private investigator hired by R.K. Maroon, the producer of her husband’s films.

After the show, Eddie secretly photographs her while she receives Marvin Acme, a wealthy industrialist, with whom she plays harmless child’s play. Comically, from the point of view of the Roger Rabbit cartoon, this innocent relationship represents a betrayal.

When Acme is found dead the next morning, Jessica is interrogated because the police think that her husband is the killer, and, meeting Valiant, she slaps him in front of everyone, blaming him for the photos he took.

A few hours later, she herself goes privately into Eddie’s office and explains that she was forced by Maroon to ‘pose’ for the detective’s photos, or her husband would be fired.

Jessica’s role, suspected throughout the first part of the film, turns out to be positive when, following Eddie and Roger as they go to confront Maroon, she saves Eddie’s life by preventing Judge Morton, the film’s true antagonist, from shooting him from behind.

As the two run away from Cartoonia with Benny the taxi, they are blocked by the judge and captured by his beech martens. As the beech martens search the two hostages, one of them lewdly slips a hand into the neckline of Jessica’s dress, but the only thing she finds is a huge trap that closes on her hand.

When Roger arrives, he and his wife are tied up and suspended in the air to be sprayed with the so-called “brine”, the only substance that can kill cartoons.

Eddie, however, manages to defeat Jude, saving them just in time. Like Roger, Jessica also has an inspiration based on director Tex Avery having similarities with Miss Vavoom, who appeared in Tex Avery’s Red Hot Riding Hood.

In addition to her debut film, her character also appears in shorts starring her husband and Baby Herman, as well as at the end of the film A Crack in Time: The Adventure Continues.


10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (6)

First Appearance: A Goof Movie (1995)
Created By: Jymn Magon
Voiced By: Kellie Martin

Roxanne is a student at Max’s High School. She is very beautiful, popular, kind and friendly, and forgiving, as the ending shows. Roxanne is the best friend of Stacey, the student body president.

The film reveals that Max had a crush on her for some time before the events of the film, though he believes she didn’t notice him because he is fabulously unpopular. In fact, Roxanne has a crush on Max too, but she’s pretty shy.

After Max fell from the stands, Roxanne ran to him, helped him up and laughed nervously when he started talking to her nervously. When in the embarrassment of his clumsy “Ah-hyuck!” laughing, Roxanne felt confused and disappointed that he had run away from her.

Later, during Max’s appearance at the school meeting, it turns out that Roxanne was originally enthusiastic and then flattered by the special attention. Max gives it to him and smiles as his identity is revealed to the whole school. In the headmaster’s office, she looks at him and smiles longingly at him, but gets nervous when Stacey motivates her to talk to him.

When Max finally has the courage to question her, she accepts his offer with a brief hesitation and is dejected when he later has to cancel her appointment. However, she passes him when Max convinces her with a lie that his reasons for canceling her appointment are impressive enough.

After later telling the truth and her reasons for lying (that he wanted her to love him), she admits that she loved him once and forgives him for his lie for being in the right place. She accepts another date from him and is pleasantly surprised by the spontaneous kiss he gives her.

Roxanne lives with her father, who loves her very much and is a little careful with her. She loves her father very much on her comeback, although she sometimes has to discipline him when he is completely overprotected.

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Roxanne is an anthropomorphic juvenile humanoid bitch with beige skin and a brown nose, a beauty mark, long wavy red hair, thick red eyebrows, and a slender, curvy model. She wears a blue-green short-sleeved T-shirt, dark blue denim shorts with a black belt with a round silver buckle, pearl earrings, and white ballerinas on her feet.

In Max’s dream, which turned into a nightmare at the beginning of the film, she wears a long white dress with a bar of small gold and bronze choker with a heart-shaped charm and a flower on the right side of her hair.


10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (7)

First Appearance: The Little Mermaid (1989)
Created By: Glen Keane, Mark Henn, James Baxter, Tom Sito, Stéphane Sainte-Foi, Sandro Cleuzo, Nik Ranieri, Philo Barnhart, Hans Christian Andersen
Voiced By: Jodi Benson

Ariel is a beautiful teenage mermaid with an hourglass figure, fair skin, and aqua blue eyes. She wears a pair of lavender shells tied with lace as a bra.

Ariel’s distinguishing feature is her long flowing red hair, thick and bright. From the waist down, she has an emerald green fishtail, with scales, sheer fins, and a V-shaped waistline that resembles a fish’s lips and reveals her navel. She is also proven to be quite tall in human form, being a few inches shorter than Eric, himself a fairly tall human.

Her age (during the events of the animated series and the first film) is between 15 and 16 years. Ariel is a very energetic, active, courageous, independent, stubborn, often rebellious and incredibly curious mermaid princess, with a strong passion for adventure and exploration. She often disobeys her father’s or Sebastian’s orders, causing conflict.

Director Ron Clements described her as a typical teenager, prone to errors of judgment. Her curiosity often leads her into dangerous situations. Despite her usual naivety and impulsiveness, Ariel has shown on many occasions that she is serious, attentive, and very intuitive.

An example of her intuitiveness was just before exploring the sunken ship, where Flounder suggested staying outside of her trying to pretend she had a cough.

Regardless of the flaws, Ariel also shows herself to be an extremely compassionate and loving person. She is not afraid to speak out about herself and is also very positive, imaginative, kind, selfless, and protective of her friends. Before meeting Eric, she was very rarely interested in romantic relationships.

She hates violence and evil: in most circumstances, she prefers to use words, logic, and peaceful solutions. However, if she absolutely has to protect herself or someone she cares about from an enemy, she doesn’t hesitate to resort to violence and she shows herself to be a pretty impressive princess.

However, her most notable trait about her was her deep love and fascination with humans, having longed to become human during the first film, even before meeting her future husband, Eric.

However, she hasn’t always had this trait; Until the age of 15, she expressed a deep fear of humans similar to Triton’s prejudice towards humans, although her testimony of a human rescuing a beached dolphin changed her views on the matter.

Ironically, the human responsible for rescuing the dolphin was Eric, even though she never knew it. Her favorite colors are emerald green, pink and blue.


10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (8)

First Appearance: Enchanted (2007)
Created By: Bill Kelly
Played By: Amy Adams

At the beginning of the film, her personality and mannerisms were representatives of the Disney Princess stereotype. Because she lives in the fantastic and perfect world of Andalasia, she hardly felt such rare feelings in the country as frustration and anger, which are of course common on earth.

She dreams of having her own Prince Charming, with whom she will fall in love and live happily. She also loves animals that help her both in Andalasia and on earth.

When she comes to New York, her Andalasian experiences show that she is blind and naive in the face of the complexity of Earth. She gets pretty scared, anxious, and confused on her first night in New York. Her naivety also frustrated Robert, who had agreed to let her stay with him until Edward, his dream prince of Andalasia, picked her up.

However, as the film progresses, her experiences on earth with Robert open her to a more complex world than she had ever known in Andalasia, while introducing her to emotions such as anger and sadness. She also becomes a mother figure to Robert’s daughter Morgan.

Although she has matured over the course of the film, she retains her innocence, optimism, and kindness. Originally from Andalasia, Giselle shows characteristics similar to Disney Princesses.

Lima describes her as “roughly 80% Snow White, with some traits borrowed from Cinderella and Aurora, though her brave demeanor stems from Ariel, aka The Little Mermaid.” She is “eternally optimistic and romantic”, but also “very independent and true to her convictions”.

At the climax of the film, Giselle is brave and brave and has protected Robert in her dragon form in the fight against Queen Narissa. Giselle is a beautiful young woman with a slim physique, fair skin, long, wavy, strawberry-blonde hair that reaches her back, and blue-green eyes.

Her main appearance is a long, strapless, pink dress with dark pink ribbons that serve as sleeves and bare feet. When her marriage to Edward turns against him and arrives in New York City, she wears an elaborate wedding dress with butterfly motifs and a gold tiara on her head.

In her live performance, the dress she wears is different as the short puffed sleeves are larger and the skirt of her dress is gaining weight.


10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (9)

First Appearance: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Created By: Victor Hugo
Voiced By: Tom Hulce

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Quasimodo first appeared as a baby (whose face is not seen, but covered by his blanket, just his arm, but is described as a “monster” by Frollo) who was carried by his mother. His mother and father were gypsies and secretly came to Paris by water.

Judge Claude Frollo, who believed they had stolen something, got in their way and chased Quasimodo’s mother when she ran, kicked her, broke her neck, and killed her. When he found out that the package she was carrying was indeed a baby, and when he saw that it was deformed, he planned to drown Quasimodo in a well, believing he was an unholy demon.

However, the Archdeacon of Notre Dame ordered him not to murder the baby. Frollo was then ordered to adopt Quasimodo as his own to make up for his sin of killing an innocent woman. However, he only did this because he believed that the child would be useful to him later. Despite his appearance, Quasimodo is kind and meek.

He was also curious and self-confident enough that he was naive about the true nature of his Master Frollo until he was early twentieth. Even when Frollo taught Quasimodo that Gypsies like Esmeralda were bad, Quasimodo wasn’t particularly violent towards them.

He also appears to have a bond with Notre Dame as he did not leave even after he was accepted into society. Since Quasimodo was raised by Frollo and was isolated from everyone else, he initially had relatively poor social skills.

It shows with his shyness and the initial fear of Esmeralda. When she showed compassion towards him, he concluded that she was attracted to a romantic relationship by him, and he was broken when she revealed that her heart belonged to Phoebus. However, Quasimodo is still a close friend of Phoebus and Esmeralda.

His devotion to his master almost turned out to be his downfall when he almost made him abandon his friends and allies. He can also be violent towards his enemies, especially when threatening his friends and allies, especially Esmeralda.

Although he no longer respects Frollo, Quasimodo is shown holding the cloth to prevent Frollo from falling on the molten metal, showing that he still cares about his enemies and doesn’t want them to die.

Quasimodo is a lean, muscular, and deformed young man with a great clue bent over his back with the spinal bones and a twisted, lumpy bump over his left eye. It also has a large nose and a massive central incisor. He has pale skin, burnt red hair, and turquoise eyes.

As for clothes, he wears a long green tunic with short sleeves, brown tights, and blue-green shoes. In the second film, he still wears his original outfit but also gets new clothes similar to Frollo’s, consisting of a purple/purple/brown striped outfit with a purple cape and a purple/purple/brown striped hat.

The hat came with two blue feathers, but they were eaten by Djali.

Kim Possible

10 Most Beloved Redhead Disney Characters (10)

First Appearance: Kim Possible (2002)
Created By: Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle
Voiced By: Christy Carlson Romano

Kim has a very confident character and a provocative and almost aggressive personality, characteristics that reflect her motto: “I can do it all”. Despite this she has great goodness of mind, she is very protective of others and extremely kind, sweet, and generous, so much so that she cares more for the good of others than for her own.

She sometimes turns out to be arrogant and hyper-competitive, due to certain insecurities that lead her to always aim for the best in everything she does and to break down psychologically if she fails to achieve it.

She also tends to be too bossy, but she doesn’t do it deliberately. Despite being a world heroine, Kim has typically girlish and sometimes childish traits in her character: she tends to feel embarrassed by the actions of her parents, has various paranoia about her appearance, is ashamed of collecting puppets and not being able to sleep loosely with his favorite, so much so that he denies it in public.

Due to her, sometimes excessive, perfectionism, Kim often becomes frustrated, anxious, impatient, insecure and nervous when something fails and she demonstrates inner shortcomings and frailties that are often and willingly counterbalanced by Ron.

When she goes too far in her childishness, he often becomes a mirror image of Bonnie Rockwaller and by reflecting on her he realizes her mistakes. Although her personality is often dominant she Kim she proves that she is no stranger to humility when necessary.

Kim lei also proves to have almost comical character flaws on which several recurring gags in the series are based; such as the total inability to say “no” to any type of request, or not being able to express herself in a coherent way in front of a guy she likes.

Normally Kim is very responsible and serious, but on certain occasions, she becomes stubborn and immature to the point of demanding something at all costs, in such circumstances she generally resorts to what Ron has called “puppy-dog pout”, which is a tender pout to which, recurring gag, no other character can refuse even the most absurd claim.

Although she is very proud of her heroin activity, whenever someone points out to her that she has accomplished some grandiose or epic feat, she disproves everything about her.

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