How Many Volumes of Komi Can't Communicate Are There (2022) (2023)

Among the many genres you can find in the manga world, some genres stand out from others. For instance, the shonen genre, which tends to contain a lot of action and counts with other sub-genres in many titles, is usually the most popular. But there’s another genre that is pretty popular, too – romance!

Even then, romance manga series tend to involve other genres to attract the attention of their readers, such as comedy or slice of life. In the case of Komi Can’t Communicate, these genres worked together to create a fairly popular manga series.

After its anime adaptation and serialization, Komi Can’t Communicate did become more popular, but even before it, the manga was so popular that it pretty much raised the popularity of the anime adaptation, already having a considerable fan base even before the title was animated.

After the anime adaptation concluded, many people became interested in reading the manga but wondered how many Komi Can’t Communicate volumes there are. Thus, I decided to help those asking these questions to facilitate their journey into reading the manga!

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How Many Volumes of Komi Can’t Communicate Are There?

Komi Can’t Communicate is a manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda, and it falls under the shonen category, but it’s also classified under the romance, school, comedy, and slice-of-life genres.

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider this manga series a pretty wholesome title that will have you smiling whenever you read a new chapter or pick up a new manga volume.

I mean, the manga series is very popular; there are currently over 7 million copies in circulation, and after the anime adaptation aired, its popularity has soared through the roof. If you have only watched the anime and loved it so much that you decided to read the manga, then you’ve made a great decision. In this article, you will find the perfect manga reading order and where to begin reading Komi Can’t Communicate manga!

So, exactly how many volumes are there in Komi Can’t Communicate? And how many chapters have been released so far?

The manga series is still ongoing, so at the time of writing this, there were 379 manga chapters released. Most of the manga chapters have been collected into 27 tankōbon volumes! By the time you read this article, the number will surely be different.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Manga in Order:

Decided to read this wholesome manga series? Here’s the table listing all the manga volumes released so far. Just read the manga starting from the first chapter, and you are good to go!

Volume No.: Chapters: Release Date:
Volume 1 Ch. 1-19 + Omake 1 September 16, 2016
Volume 2 Ch. 20-34 + Omake 2 December 16, 2016
Volume 3 Ch. 35-47 + Omake 3 March 17, 2017
Volume 4 Ch. 48-57 + Omake 4 June 16, 2017
Volume 5 Ch. 58-72 + Omake 5 July 18, 2017
Volume 6 Ch. 73-85 + Omake 6 October 18, 2017
Volume 7 Ch. 86-99 + Omake 7 December 18, 2017
Volume 8 Ch. 100-113 + Omake 8 March 16, 2018
Volume 9 Ch. 114-128 + Omake 9 June 18, 2018
Volume 10 Ch. 129-142 + Omake 10 September 18, 2018
Volume 11 Ch. 143-157 + Omake 11 December 18, 2018
Volume 12 Ch. 158-170 + Omake 12 May 18, 2019
Volume 13 Ch. 171-181 + Omake 13 June 18, 2019
Volume 14 Ch. 182-195 + Omake 14 August 16, 2019
Volume 15 Ch. 196-207 + Omake 15 November 18, 2019
Volume 16 Ch. 208-223 + Omake 16 February 18, 2020
Volume 17 Ch. 224-234 + Omake 17 May 18, 2020
Volume 18 Ch. 235-246 + Omake 18 September 18, 2020
Volume 19 Ch. 247-258 + Omake 19 November 18, 2020
Volume 20 Ch. 259-269 + Omake 20 February 18, 2021
Volume 21 Ch. 270-284 + Omake 21 May 18, 2021
Volume 22 Ch. 285-298 + Omake 22 August 18, 2021
Volume 23 Ch. 299-313 + Omake 23 October 18, 2021
Volume 24 Ch. 314-324 + Omake 24 January 18, 2022
Volume 25 Ch. 325-336 + Omake 25 April 18, 2022
Volume 26 Ch. 337-349 + Omake 26 July 15, 2022
Volume 27 Ch. 338-344 + Omake 27 October 18, 2022

Note: The English translation for Volumes 25, 26, and 27 are yet to be released. I will update the table with links as soon as they are released!

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What is Komi Can’t Communicate Manga About?

There’s a particular affliction that Japanese people often refer to as “Komyushou,” which is what happens to people who have extremely palpable difficulties when communicating with others. This manga focuses on this particular problem and showcases the development of a person suffering from it as she attempts her best to make new friends.

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This person is Shouko Komi, an extremely popular girl due to her beauty and cool attitude. Almost all students recognize Shouko as the most beautiful girl in the school, yet no one dares to approach her because she tends to be silent around others. However, Tadano Hitohito, an average student of the school, learns by accident that Shouko is actually just a timid, shy person who dreams of making many friends.

This is, of course, impossible for her since even muttering a few words to communicate with others seems like the hardest of tasks. Yet, she manages to communicate with Tadano through writing on a notepad, and then Tadano decides to help her out in her dream of becoming friends with 100 people.

During the development of the series, Komi and Tadano will meet a wide cast of characters with very interesting names related to their personalities and traits. For instance, Najimi Osana (read in Japanese as Osana Najimi) translates to “childhood friend,” and it’s the first person Komi befriends after Tadano tries to get them to meet each other, as Najimi is well known for having hundreds of friends and being everyone’s childhood friend.

The series focuses mainly on comedy at first, as it showcases many comedic situations between its characters. However, as you keep reading, you’ll quickly notice that the series also introduces some level of romance, mainly the feelings Komi develops for Tadano as they become closer friends, and Tadano does his best to aid Komi in her journey to overcome her communication problems.

Komi Can’t Communicate does have a particular problem, though, which is how slowly development feels at times. You’ll probably be disappointed if you start reading the title expecting things to develop fast. On the other hand, if you enjoy the journey more than the goal and don’t mind reading the silly ideas some of the characters come with, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this series.

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Now that you know more about the series and also know how many volumes and chapters the series have, perhaps deciding whether to start it or not will be much easier. If you watched the anime first, you will have a considerable amount of content to go through, and since Komi Can’t Communicate is still in serialization, you can expect even more chapters and volumes to come.

I also think that the manga is a bit better than the anime. It is much easier to transmit the idea of lack of communication without it being awkward, in contrast to the anime adaptation, which at times would feel awkward because Komi is constantly quiet. Even then, both are good ways to enjoy the series at the end of the day, but the manga has much more for you to enjoy!

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How many volumes does Komi can't communicate have? ›

Shogakukan has collected its chapters into individual tankōbon volumes. The first volume was published on September 16, 2016. As of January 18, 2023, twenty-eight volumes have been published.

Is Komi can't communicate still continuing? ›

We expect that it will be released in late 2023. In an interview with Ayumu Watanabe, the chief director of Komi-san, he mentioned that he would be glad to continue the series at least until Komi-san graduates.

Did Komi can't communicate get canceled? ›

Komi Can't Communicate has been confirmed for a second season and will return to Netflix in April 2022.

Do Komi and Tadano start dating? ›

During Valentine's Day, Tadano confesses his feeling for Komi after turning down Manbagi. They've been a couple ever since.

Why Komi Cannot communicate not popular? ›

It's because the Japanese audience hates stories like these. If it isn't an isekai or ecchi harem, manga/LNs/anime like Komi don't sell well. Komi is a slice of life with romantic and comedic elements.

Is Komi deaf or mute? ›

In A Silent Voice, Nishimiya Shoko's communication skills are impacted by the fact she is deaf -- a physical disability. For Komi Can't Communicate's titular heroine, Komi Shoko, her communication skills are impacted by extreme social anxiety -- a less visible disability.

Why did Komi stop talking? ›

Komi Can't Communicate protagonist Shoko Komi has a communication disorder as a result of paralyzing social anxiety and has made it her goal to overcome it. Episode 7 introduced Komi's father, Masayoshi, who also can't communicate in most situations, which established a genetic link to her disorder.

Who is Tadano's crush? ›

Tadano admits that he has a crush on Komi after Manbagi's confession and goes to find her, with Manbagi supporting his decision.

What episode does Tadano date Komi? ›

Hitohito Tadano is Shoko Komi's best friend, though he's starting to develop romantic feelings for her. In Episode 15, he takes it to the next level.

What chapter is Volume 14 of Komi? ›

Volume 14 of Komi Can't Communicate continues the story of the shy teenager Shoko Komi and her quest to make 100 friends. This particular volume contains chapters 182 to 195 of the story. This volume continues the story of Komi and her friends' second year summer vacation.

What CH does Komi confess? ›

Confession ( 告 こく 白 はく です。, Kokuhaku desu?) is the three hundredth chapter of Tomohito Oda's Komi Can't Communicate.

What volume is Komi anime on? ›

The latest, 22nd, volume was released in December 2022, and the 23rd volume is available for pre-order with a release date set for February 14, 2023.

Who has a crush on Komi can't communicate? ›

Tadano helps her find more friends, with the assistance of Najimi Osana. Komi quickly develops romantic feelings for Tadano, but is for the longest time too shy and worried to express her feelings or to act on them. Only after Tadano confesses his own feelings to her, she is able to do so and the two become a couple.

Who was obsessed with Komi? ›

Underneath her cute facade, Yamai is obsessed with Komi to a disturbing degree, ranging from stalking her to lustfully licking a strand of her hair. She has been described as a yandere.

Is Komi mute? ›

It appears that the root cause of Komi's communication difficulty is selective mutism. A selectively mute person is someone whose anxiety makes it difficult to speak with certain people in different situations.


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